The Equipment Performance Evaluation (EPE) is required by the state of Texas and most other states on a periodic basis. The purpose of the EPE is to insure that your x-ray machine is not causing unnecessary radiation to the general public and the technician operators. In the state of Texas, licensed service companies like Radco Imaging Technologies (# R13767) may perform this procedure under the supervision of a licensed medical physicist according to the following stated intervals:

  • Medical Clinics (unless using fluoroscopy) - 2 Years
  • Medical Clinics (engaged in using fluoroscopy or CT) - 1 Year
  • Dental Clinics - 4 Years (Physicist' endorsement not required)
  • Chiropractic Clinics - 2 Years
  • Podiatry Clinics - 4 Years
  • Hospitals (CT / Fluoroscopy) - 1 Year (Dose rate performed only by licensed medical physicist)
  • Veterinary Clinics - 5 Years (On Demand)* (Physicist' endorsement not required)

  • * Veterinary x-ray machines must still have an EPE to insure proper operation when requested by the state either via a "remote inspection form", or upon the initial installation of the equipment. This means you must have a copy of your EPE on hand. Unscheduled state inspections still apply. Non compliance will result in enforcement measures. Please go back to home page and click the Rules and Reg's link. Reference to EPE's will be found on about page 84 of the Veterinarian section.

    Examples of enforcement measures and fines can be seen at Enforcement actions

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    Radco Texas Registration No. R13767

    New Mexico Registration No's. 220-2, 221-4

    Operating under Licensed Medical Physicist Registration No. MP0409 (Texas and New Mexico)

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  • Medical Clinics (Midland/Odessa) - $565.00
  • Medical Clinics (Other) - $625.00
  • Hospitals (Radiographic portion of Fluoroscopy unit) - $565.00/$625.00
  • Dental Clinics (Mid/Odessa, same address) - $210.00(single), $168.00ea(two units), $136.50ea(three or more units)
  • Dental Clinics (other) - $280.00(single), $224.00ea(two units), $182.00ea(three or more units)
    (Discounts available for multiple offices in one day)
  • Dental Clinics Panoramic X-ray (Midland/Odessa) - $310.00 (Other) - $342.00
  • Chiropractic Clinics (Midland/Odessa) - $565.00
  • Chiropractic Clinics (Other) - $625.00
  • Podiatry Clinics (Midland/Odessa) - $445.00
  • Podiatry Clinics (Other) - $500.00
  • Veterinary Clinics (Midland/Odessa) - $236.50
  • Veterinary Clinics (Other) - $300.00

    Our Turn-key Evaluation prices include any adjustments or minor repairs needed
    to bring your unit into compliance with no extra charges. Prices do not include any parts or
    subsequent repairs / return trips which may be required to bring unit into compliance.


    Lubbock 806-798-3701
    Midland / Odessa 432-561-X-RAY (9729)
    West Texas and New Mexico 800-725-X-RAY (9729)

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